Hey everyone it's Pat, as most of you know by now DreamScar is no longer a band. I know some of you are stil curious and have been asking me what happened? This in no way reflects the other members opinions , this is personally from me whether people agree or not.

DreamScar sadly started drifting apart towards late 2012 even though we did some awesome things that year, such as releasing a 3rd full length album and new music video, playing Extreme Thing, winning the Ernie Ball Battle of bands, Playing Warped Tour, winning the Vegas Rocks "Stars of Tomorrow" Award and performing on national TV. You would think everyone would be motivated and excited to keep doing their best and keep taking things to a bigger level. But it was completely opposite.....

I am the founder and always have been the main song writer of the band, the person who records us, makes our music videos, designs our merch, maintains our website, books shows ect. It's hard to keep things exciting when people can't make it to practice once a week, have no strive or motivation to get new stuff done, such as having to cancel two video shoots and not being able to book shows because of members "busy" schedules. Band members pawning their only gear, saying they don't enjoy music anymore, friendships fading and just feeling like co-workers and every other excuse not to get shit done, it gets very tiring and stressful.I understand life throws obstacles in the way and it can be hard to achieve goals and dreams. But if you're not going to ever treat this like a career and make time in your life for it. It will never be a career!

If you have been a fan over the years. You know we have had some line up changes and I could've just fired everyone and kept DreamScar going, but after almost 8 years as DreamScar I think maybe a fresh start of everything would be the best choice and just call it a day for trying to make this band a world wide success. For anyone who is saddened or upset about this I am sorry but I am truly grateful for the love and support you have shown the band over the years. I am still writing lots of new music under my solo project called Soul Set Fire you can like the facebook page at www.facebook.com/soulsetfireband

I still have quite a bit of DreamScar merch mainly cd's and posters, There are a couple shirts too. So you can still order merch and cd's if you would like one. Also since my production abilities are always getting better. I may also rerecord and mix and master some favorite tracks from the 3 albums and release it as sort of a best of cd. If anyone thinks that's a cool idea please let me know what you would like to hear rerecorded mixed and mastered

I'm not big on public drama but recently I have seen almost all of my old band members have started up a new band together, which is very weird to me considering how things were for this band and the lack of motivation and stuff as I stated above. I sort of take that as a fuck you to me! If you guys didn't want a band with me anymore, you could've just quit it would've made things so much easier. Either way I hope you're happy and wish you all the best!

Thanks again everyone for the love and support over the years and for those who continue to support me and follow what I do please like my new music page at www.facebook.com/soulsetfireband I'll be rocking with you all soon!